The Back Story

     In late March of 1862 Maggie Grimrot heard that her fiancé had been killed in the battle for New Berne where he was serving as a militiaman. It is said that she was so distraught that she could no longer function normally. She consumed large quantities of Absinthe to try and ease her pain but it was of no avail. No longer able to cope with her lose she gruesomely hung herself from a tree in the old woods on the banks of the marsh. It is believed that the tree was on the exact spot the current Manor's porches occupy.

     Named after the original owner of the land that the Manor sits on, the Cemetery rises out of the marsh each year in late October. When you begin to see the ghostly apparition of Maggie Grimrot over the exact spot where she so gruesomely hung herself, on the second story porch of the manor. It is only visable through the marsh fog for a short time and is usually gone within a week of appearing. A visit to the Cemetery is a experience you will never forget.

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